Create your IT account

You will need a York St John ICT account to access many University facilities, such as Wi-Fi, open access computers, email, printing, online library resources and electronic assignment submission.

Your account username will usually be knownasname.lastname, possibly followed by a number if you have the same name as someone already at the University, and your email address will be based on this username, e.g. nikki.thompson4 and

The first time you login to your YSJ account, if you are not on campus, you may be prompted to complete the Multi-Factor Authentication registration process. Please click this link for more information on Multi-Factor Authentication.

Step 1 - Verify your details

To begin creating your IT account, please provide the details requested below:


How To Find Your Student ID or Enrolment Key:

Your Student ID or Enrolment Key can be found in the email sent to you by York St John University.